Witness Euphoria- 3 European Cities Every Wanderer Should See

October 10, 2023

Europe is a continent with exceptional culture, great food, and a smattering of the world's finest countryside. But that's not all that that's up on offer. Europe is more than just nature and good cuisine. Its architecture is a center of ancient intrigue and the cradle of industrial development. 

With it being such a historically significant region, we must remember that it is also a center of global culture and development in the modern day. Europe is equally well-known for beautifully created skylines and business districts as it is for Baroque churches and paved stone streets. 

But we've been searching for three of Europe's most significant cities, three titans amongst the myriad of fantastic selections. We think we've found them. It's been a difficult task, but follow us as we explore three of the continent's most profoundly historic and significant cities. 

The European Dream 

Europe is the cradle of modern civilization, the historic capital of the contemporary world, and the industrial paradise that has produced many of the modern inventions we use, such as the bulb, the telephone, Penicillin, and more. 

History oozes out of every corner. The sights of distant castles remind us of fairy tales of old. Where Knights set out to rescue fair damsels in distress atop castles and stories of magic and mayhem unfold in a variety of ways. 

Europe is the land where dreams come true, where culture meets history, and history meets modernity. We have had our time to look, and despite stiff competition, we have zeroed down on three of the most iconic European cities that every wanderer should visit at least once. 

These picks are top destinations for a mix of reasons rather than just a singular reason. So, we're ranking the cities based on three parameters- 

  •  •   Food
  •  •   Culture 
  •  •   Safety 

The higher a city scores on the three parameters, the higher it ranks. And if you stick around till our bonus section, you might even stumble upon some hidden gems hidden artfully to be uncovered amongst the European scape. So, without further ado, let us have a look at the top 3 picks, starting with- 


Food- 8.5/10

Culture- 9/10

Safety- 6/10

The city of lights is known for its romantic stone-cobbled streets, the historic Arc D' Triumph, the Jardin d' Tuileries, and the world-famous Louvre, amongst a veritable mix of historic streets, buildings, museums, and bakeries.

Known as a foodie’s paradise, Parisian cuisine stood as the first pinnacle of Western cuisine in the modern world, exporting its fine delicacies worldwide, from the marshy forest lands of Africa to the Northern territories of the U.S.A and England. French Chefs were always in demand across the world with those who could afford to hire them. 

Another place where Paris Scores highly is on the cultural front. Being a historic center for trends in fashion, the city of Paris is a hotspot for high-quality apparel. 

French brands like Channel, Yves Saint Laurent, and Hermes speak to the illustrious legacy of the Parisians in the world of fashion. But Paris is more than just apparel when it comes to culture; fantastic nightlife in the form of nightclubs, cabaret venues, and more! 

Safety is where the deal gets difficult. With a crime rate of over 60, Tourists are advised to be cautious of where they go as there are definitely some neighborhoods and districts that can be avoided. 

As a tourist to Paris, you'll primarily be safe as long as you take regular cognizance of where you're going and ensure you do not have too many valuables or cash on you. 


Food- 9/10

Culture- 9/10

Safety- 7/10

The historic capital of the Roman Empire has seen just as much as any ancient city and then some, from the rise and fall of emperors and empires to a shift in their cultural paradigm due to the influence of its governing powers. 

When it comes to Food, Rome is an absolute treat. From classic Pizzas to lesser-known Italian cuisine, food lovers will only find themselves with a worthy eating option in this city of intrigue and wonder. From Pasta alla carbonara to Maritozzi, the journey between cafes, Delis, and restaurants is one that might never end in the eternal city. 

Culture is Rome's forte. Its transition From a strictly pagan city that venerated gods such as Saturn and Jupiter to being a center of Christendom has inspired radical change and transformation. 

The city has evolved through centuries and millennia. Yet, traces of its Roman past remain in iconic government buildings, what remains of the Roman villas, and the iconic Colosseum, which has witnessed iconic battles between men and beasts. 

But that's not all; the city is home to the iconic Santa Marinella beach and Vatican City for those looking for a spiritual awakening. 

Safety is an issue. Even though most of Rome is safe, specific neighborhoods represent an issue when it comes to the crime rate, but they're easily avoidable and away from the tourist attractions. There are also tourist traps and scams, which can be avoided after a bit of research on the same. 


Food- 7.5/10

Culture- 9.5/10

Safety- 7.5/10 

Ah, London. The capital of the civilized world for hundreds of years, this city has played host to some of the world's leading intellectuals in the form of politicians, inventors, scientists, educators, and philosophers. With a distinguished past and a significant role in the current global landscape, there was no city as deserving of the numero uno spot as much as London. 

Food-wise, London scores weakly as compared to Paris and Rome, but that puts it at a disadvantage. Known widely to be a melting pot of various cultural cuisines, a short walk on any food street in London can get you all the flavors of the world on your plate. 

From Doners to Chicken Tikka Masala, there is the rare competition to London's culinary diversity. Even when it comes to regional classics such as the Full English breakfast, Fish and chips, and more, London cements itself for a comfortable spot on the food aspect.

The culture of London has shaped the modern Anglophone world, from industrial era London with its smokestacks and chimneys and steampunk aesthetic to the contemporary Era London featuring historic parks, points of interest such as Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, Hyde Park, and more! 

This has made London a leading destination for cultural exploration for the millions that visit every year to explore regional history, boutique nightclubs, Saville Row, and other points of cultural interest across the city. 

Safety in London is dependent on what areas you visit if you stay along the central city and avoid areas like Lambeth, Brixton, St. Leonard, and other areas that you can find on publicly available databases. 

And there you have it, folks, our top 3 picks for European cities that are a must-visit for every tourist and that deserve to be on every bucket list. 

But wait before you click off. Three spots just aren't enough to do justice to Europe, so we've taken it upon ourselves to list three bonus picks that count as lesser-known gems that should find their way onto every traveler’s list. 

Bonus Picks- 3 Hidden Gems You Should Know About

Europe is a dream destination for many, whether it be the narrow streets of Napoli with vibrant-colored Vespas lining the streets or the serene highlands of Scotland. There is no shortage of culture, history, and experiences. 

We’ve listed the main cities that should be visited, but if you have some time and change to spare, we would definitely advise going off the beaten path to the road less traveled, the cities less explored. Without further ado, here's our countdown of the three hidden European gems everyone should experience-

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Lesser-known amongst the more popular European destinations, Ljubljana lies tucked comfortably between the Alps and the Adriatic Sea. 

A city that prizes its culture, religion, cuisine, and hospitality, this is the perfect destination for a family trip oriented more towards the calmer side of things. 

Kick your feet up against the backdrop of hills and the sea. Breathe and soak in the fresh Slovenian air in the lap of nature, culture, and outstanding regional cuisine. 

Skopje, Republic of Macedonia

A lesser-known city waiting to be discovered, Skopje lies along the Vardar River. It boasts an extraordinary past that has seen the rise of the great world conqueror Alexander. Being a cultural and historical powerhouse, Skopje exceeds expectations on the modern front as well. With signature bars, cafes, and theaters, the Skopje Project worked on heavy renovation work in the town center. 

This has resulted in the city becoming a premier destination for tourism in all seasons, providing the ideal mix of culture, history, architecture, and more just waiting to be explored!

Bruges, Belgium 

Bruges, often called the "Venice of the North," is a fairytale-like city that seems frozen in time. Its well-preserved medieval architecture, cobblestone streets, and scenic canals make it a quintessential European destination. Strolling through the historic center takes you past landmarks like the Belfry Tower, the Basilica of the Holy Blood, and the Markt Square. Bruges is also known for its artisanal chocolate shops and breweries, where you can sample some of Belgium's finest creations. While it may be a hidden city, Bruges has been featured in numerous films, adding to its cinematic allure and picturesque setting.

Explore the romantic city of Bruges and fall in love with Belgium. Consider taking a boat ride along the canals or climbing the Belfry for panoramic views. 

Destination Next, Destination Europe. 

Europe is the beating heart of the modern civilized world, with countless contributions to science, decent living, art, and global culture. This region has been a significant catalyst in shaping the contemporary world. 

But it's not just history that defines Europe. This great continent is a center for great food, apparel, regional experiences, and an exhilarating love story to fall back in love with life.