Paramount Plus Review: A New Titan In OTT?

May 30, 2023

A side of adrenaline-pumping action with a healthy serving of relaxation is maybe what the weekend menu should be? 

So prepare your device of choice and stream amazing exclusives, great hits, and your favorites from the world of cinema as you settle in for a fun-filled relaxation in the company of one of the best streaming services releasing this year.

In this Paramount Plus Review we explore whether the platform is worth the hype, or is it just another OTT platform with promise, and no results. Lets find out.


A New Face

Binging on our favorite shows over the weekend is a guilty pleasure for almost all of us. Its no secret that we all love to indulge in some me time with a bag of popcorn in hand, let us introduce to a new way to chill with an OTT platform to end all OTT platforms.

Coming soon to screens near you is a platform launched by cinematic giant Paramount. Known as one of the biggest entertainment houses in the world, being the face behind some of the most iconic movies ever released.

Now they plan to expand their horizons and bring their excellent track record into the world of OTT. With this platform you can expect to get unrestricted access to some of the worlds newest most popular shows in glorious quality. 

Paramount+ covers all sorts of categories from News, movies, series, and tv shows your entire world of entertainment is covered. You can expect to watch the following genres on the platform –

  • ◾  News

  • ◾  Movies

  • ◾  TV series

  • ◾  Sports

  • ◾  Episodic television

Experience your favorite movies and shows on this cutting-edge platform made for fans of cinematic experiences bar none. 


What About Exclusives?

In our Paramount Plus Review we explore the offering of this new giant. The platform also boasts a choice selection of exclusives that come in the form of movies, series, and so much more. Giving you unrestricted access to cinematic experiences that can’t be found anywhere else. 

Immerse yourself into a bold new world of beautiful flicks with exclusives like – 

  • ◾  Star Trek : Discovery- From the creators of the beloved franchise we bring a bold new adventure in the form of Star Trek : Discovery, a new odyssey amongst the stars that is sure to get your blood pumping. Familiar faces, hi-jinx amongst the stars, and the continuation of a much loved series.

  • ◾  The Good Fight- A legal drama that revolves around strong social themes and manages to create edge of the seat moments across the board, it revolves around a female lawyer and her mentor who found themselves in the eye of the storm after being falsely implicated in a scam. Desperate for a way to clear their names, they join an African American legal firm fighting police brutality cases in Chicago.

  • ◾  Strange Angel- The series Strange Angel follows a young man in the 1930s who starts a successful business in a setting that intimately explores Los Angeles in that time period. It revolves around the biography of Jack Parsons a famous scientist who dabbled in thlemic magic and went on to become a disciple of infamous occultist, Allister Crowley.

  • ◾  One Dollar- One Dollar follows a Dollar bill that passes around a small Rust Belt town, connecting lives, and diving deeper into a shocking multiple murder. The series also tackles themes of cultural divide that are apparent in this town.

  • ◾  Tell Me A Story- A unique series that revolves around classic fairytales retold as thrillers, each episode tells a different story. Making sure that familiar feeling of blood pumping thrill goes nowhere and keeps you on the very edge of your seat throughout the series.

These are by no means the complete offering of the site. Paramount plus has a whole host of even more exciting movies and series. These are just the top reviewed ones as per the paramount plus reviews that we read.




What Platforms Is Paramount Plus Available On?

If you’re wondering what platforms you can access the platform on, then you’re at the right place. As per paramount plus app review the app can be accessed across the following platforms – 

  • ◾  IOS

  • ◾  Android 

  • ◾  Chromecast

  • ◾  Roku

  • ◾  Apple TV

  • ◾  Portal TV

  • ◾  Samsung Smart TVs

  • ◾  Vizio TVs

  • ◾  LG TVs

  • ◾  Playstation 4

  • ◾  Xbox One 

  • ◾  Xbox Series S

  • ◾  Xbox Series X 

  • ◾  Xfinity Flex

  • ◾  X1

  • ◾  Cox Contour Box

The wide accessibility of the app ensures you can watch your favorite movies, series, and more across the majority of modern platforms


What Does The Public Say? 

While the app has amazing benefits that makes it sure to be amongst the leading OTT platforms, what really matters is what the audience thinks of it. 

To better understand public consensus we move towards Trust Pilot. A trusted website known for providing accurate reviews.

Customers on Trust Pilot have extensively rated the services of Paramount Plus as 5-star worthy. Some praise it for its amazing customer service while others have lauded it for its wide selection of exclusives. There have also been some negative reviews citing different issues with the app like technical glitches and complaints regarding subscription prices. 


A Look at The Pros and Cons

Like any other service or platform, Paramount Plus has its fair share of appreciators and criticizers. There are a few issues with the app that restrict the audience from having the perfect viewing experience, but the positives of the app more than just make up for it. 

We would like to conclude our paramount plus review with a comprehensive look into the pros and cons that ultimately define your viewing experience on the app.


The Good  The not so good
Great selection of movies Technical glitches
Responsive customer support Subscription prices 
Convenient features -
A variety of accessibility features  -
Highly-rated exclusives -


That’s All…For Now!

And with that we conclude this Paramount Plus review, its time for curtains, but your story with Paramount is yet to begin. Join in on the experience with thousands of users worldwide who are living and loving the Paramount experience beyond the cinema screen.

Take the historic studio with you everywhere you go. With the possibility to stream your favorite movies, shows, and so much more all at the click of a button.  You can now access the truly vast world of Paramount Plus anywhere, anytime.


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