Why Are Jordans So Expensive

March 05, 2023

To the uninitiated, the cost of what it takes to own a Jordans sneaker might sound to be a bit on the higher end. But the initiated will know why they’re worth as much as they are.

Nike has been a premier destination for sneakerheads to get their fix, updated designs, multi utility, and meant for the court. If you’re looking for an arsenal ready for ballin’ than you don’t need to look further than Jordans.

More than just another hobby purchase, it’s an investment you make to bring your best game onto the court, the styling aspect, and its trendy nature is just another plus to it.

Join us as we dive deeper into the world of Jordans and decode why they’re as expensive as they are.

The Legacy

When you buy a Nike, you buy more than just a shoe, you buy a ticket into the legacy of Nike. The rich history of Jordans starts from the moment they were created. Named after the iconic basketball player Michael Jordan, Nike introduced a line meant for the court.

Made with premium quality materials and in trendy designs, the shoe was a game-changer, finding itself amidst the center of millions dollars of research that Nike was pouring every year into making updated releases that were more advanced than the previous ones.

It is this rich legacy of innovation tied with the name of arguably the greatest basketball player to ever live that has put Jordans on the mantle of greatness that it currently stands at.


The Quality

Jordans are nothing if not heavy on quality, authentic Jordans are prized, and have high resale values because their value does not diminish like those of the competition.

It is this quality which puts it in the good books of sneakerheads across the world, making it THE premier shoe to have for those who live and breathe the game. Durable on the court and outside, there is rare competition to the versatality, look, durability, and prestige of a Jordan.


The Collaborations

Nike has without a doubt some of the best collaborations in the field of footwear, with collaborations eminent personalities from across the board, the Jordan line has built a reputation for being a line of shoes with an exciting outlook, constantly entering collabs and shaking the sneakerhead world with some of the most iconic drops of all time.


That’s All Folks

While there may be an umpteen number of reasons why the Jordan line is as popular as it is, what we’ve listed above is the meat of why the world-renowned brand is as hyped as it is. Their collabs go beyond just the shores of the country in which they were founded.

Spreading its roots across the world of footwear in a way like no other. There is no doubt in the fact that Jordans should be a go to for anyone wanting to build a wide selection.

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